Friday, February 11, 2011

The Repubs Aren't Getting It Done


Sorry, but thus far the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives has been anything but promising and stimulating. Okay, so they voted to repeal Obama care. Actually, that was an easy vote. They know it was going nowhere in the Senate, and it is said that happened the past that they knew that The Community Organizer would veto it, so let's just use the word "symbolic" and move on here. Then we have their attempt at cutting the budget. They announce a figure in the neighborhood of $75 billion. Then some reporters, including our own. Jamie Dupree, point out that the Republicans are using the old baseline budgeting trick. That is, they're announcing the budget cut not from present spending levels but from projected increased spending levels in future years. Now that's partially budget cut and partially reductions in future spending increases. This is not the sort of gamesmanship that the tea party voters signed up for last November. The real figure for Republican budget cut proposals? That would be somewhere in the $35 billion range; about one half of what they were trying to pass off to the voters as their grandiose attempt at cutting the federal budget.

The truth here is that we have Republicans that are looking harder at their reelection chances -- harder at protecting their privileges, their perks, and their power -- then they are at doing the job the voters sent them to Washington to do last November.

You will find the rest of Neal's take on things at this link.

While I, too, am disappointed, I cannot say I am surprised. After all, these are still politicians, and they all seem to have only one goal, and that is to win reelection, no matter what letter follows their name.

Neal gives the republicans a C+, but I'm giving then a D- so far. While I'm not yet ready to declare last November's election a bust, I'm getting awfully close.

Let's hope the TEA Party supporters who were so instrumental in flipping the House last November will keep the pressure on those they sent to Washington, as this country is fast running out of time, as well as excuses.


Anonymous said...


That's ridiculous. They were even lying about the true nature of the 75 million??

The GOP is a lost cause.


DCG said...

Yep, same business as usual in DC. Utter failure and Tea Partiers need to get a strong candidate in for 2012 or we are screwed...

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