Friday, April 2, 2010

Perfesser Barry Soetoro

My friend Eowyn over at Fellowship of the Minds dropped this little gem of a post on her blog today, and I thought I would share it with you:
This is MAJOR news.

One of the accomplishments much trumpeted by Obamabots is that their man, the Punk, after he graduated from Harvard Law School was a “professor” at Chicago University Law School. Finally, a leading faculty member at Chicago Law has come forth with the truth on Obama’s teaching, including:

  • How Obama got a job teaching law: It was a political favor. The law school actually had turned down his application to teach there.
  • What his academic title was: Obama was a “lecturer,” never a “professor,” not even an “adjunct” professor. The distinctions between/among these academic titles are important. A lecturer is someone who is hired on a year-by-year basis, without going through rigorous screening or possessing sterling academic credentials.
  • How other faculty members regarded him: They thought him lazy and unqualified.
  • What he taught at the law school: Although he was hired to teach Constitutional Law, Obama instead taught Machiavellian power politics à la Saul Alinsky, the Marxist ideologue who dedicated his book on community organizing, Rules for Radicals, to the fallen evil angel Lucifer.

I hope this revelation of Obama’s Chicago Law School “teaching” will be the first of more truth-tellings by those who had known the Punk.

You will find the rest at this link.

I think we are beginning to get a much clearer picture of who, not to mention what, Barack Hussein Obama actually is.

We are also gaining a much better understanding of why this supposedly highly-educated, "eloquent" man requires the aid of a teleprompter to string even two coherent sentences together.

We are also beginning to see why he has shelled out nearly $2 million to keep large parts of his past hidden from public scrutiny.

Of course, this was all out there in plain sight for people to see way back when this mysterious protege of the America-hating George Soros first announced his candidacy for POTUS. It's just too bad that 65 million of our fellow Americans couldn't turn off American Idol and put down their stupid People Magazines long enough to take notice.

Elections, after all, have consequences, and the one that took place in November of 2008 may have reverberations that last well beyond our lifetimes.

Speaking purely for myself, I now see the elevation of Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency as surpassing Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, gun control, and government "education" as the most colossal scam ever perpetrated on the American people.

I really want to believe that America has not become too stoopid to survive as it was founded, but I am truly beginning to wonder whether or not it has.

God help us.

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