Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obamagandist Gets Grilled By....CNN's Howard Kurtz?

Last Tuesday I noted former reporterette Linda Douglass was telling some whoppers for the White House about ObamaCare. Well, here she is again, blatantly lying about Obama's position on the single payer system for heath care we all know Obama supports:

I will congratulate Howard Kurtz here for making sure this lying propagandist left the studio with some grill marks on her behind, as I wasn't expecting him to ask any tough questions to someone so close to the One.

Here, she is admitting that the White House's "snitch" program is illegal:

This woman's lies are so brazen that I am guessing that, somewhere in the hottest pits of Hell itself, Joseph Goebbels is smiling broadly.

The Obamanistas are getting creepier with each passing hour.

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Lynn said...

I saw this yesterday...Kurtz did an ok good job...I just was sick of the witch lying...which did with about every single word she uttered for her messiah.

Seemed very 'fishy' to me...I think someone ought to send her own words right back to her at the WH flag email about you?

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