Saturday, August 1, 2009

ObamaCare: DOA or Stealth Assault?

For a brief period last week, it appeared to freedom lovers all across America that ObamaCare was in disarray, and might be headed for the proverbial dustbin. Then, just when it looked as if the wheels were about to fall off, the so-called "blue dogs," who had thrown up a brief resistance earlier in the week, rolled like bratwursts on a hot grill, thus giving this freedom-killing atrocity its second wind in the House.

I see ObamaCare as the greatest threat to our freedom that has ever faced this nation. Its implementation, even if in the form of a much weaker version, will eventually grow into a treasury-busting, economy-strangling, nation-killing, out-of-control monstrosity that will be next to impossible to reign in, much less kill.

Mark Steyn, in his usual inimitable style, has weighed into this, and believes ObamaCare may just be inevitable:

The president needs to get something passed. Anything. The details don't matter. Once it's in place, health care "reform" can be re-reformed endlessly. Indeed, you'll be surprised how little else we talk about. So, for example, public funding for abortions can be discarded now, and written in – as it surely will be by some judge – down the road. What matters is to ram it through, get it done, pass it now – in whatever form.

If this seems a perverse obsession for a nation with a weak economy, rising unemployment and a war on two fronts, it has a very sound strategic logic behind it. As I wrote in National Review a week or two back, health care is the fastest way to a permanent left-of-center political culture. That's its attraction for an ambitious president: It redefines the relationship between the citizen and the state in a way that hands all the advantages to statists – to those who believe government has a legitimate right to regulate human affairs in every particular.

You can find Mark's entire column here.

I am struggling to remain optimistic that this legislative lunacy will not see the light of day in the end, as I am (perhaps naively) trusting that millions of concerned Americans are going to be giving their respective representatives who support this bill no small ration of hell during the recess.

I am also holding out hope that the blue hairs, despite the perplexing pro-ObamaCare propaganda spewing forth from the AARP, which appears more concerned with toeing the liberal line than it is with the lives of its aging members, figure out that ObamaCare is nothing less than a post-natal abortion program for our nation's seniors, it just might hit the fan in earnest.

Even if your particular congress critter is opposed to MediCare's ugly twin sister, do not make the mistake of letting up on them. Keep contacting their offices, attending the town hall meetings (if your representative still has the courage to hold them), and let your voice be heard.

We have to stop this hideous legislation, as the future of the America we all grew up in depends on it.


Lynn said...

After I heard they marked up a bill to presented on the floor when they get back from their recess...I knew we were done.

...and we are regarding this issue.

the Senate will come up with something, it will go back to the house and conference committee, tons more will be slipped in.

This country is fried.

I will do my usual calls etc...but I fear it will do no good, they know they have a year or before the midterms elections, they know people will forget, they know this will not take effect until 2013, they are safe in their seats...

or so they think...

I hope people wake up...I fear not enough will, we have ACORN, Soros, Chicago machine working against us, have had for decades, it is all know in full force with implementation, let alone the trial lawyers at the ready.

We are screwed with voter fraud that will be coming, the likes of which we have never seen.

On that cheery note...I'll catch ya when I catch ya Dave.

Dave said...


"We are screwed with voter fraud that will be coming, the likes of which we have never seen."

Our last hope is the blue hairs, as they are the largest voting block out there.

Let's hope they read this bill carefully, then get their Depends in a bunch and march on Washington.

They may be the last group left those insulated idiots up in DC will still pay any attention to.

They threw us under the bus a long time ago.


When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson