Monday, June 1, 2009

I Shed No Tears for the American Mengele

What follows is a slightly edited version of something I posted elsewhere earlier today:

As a libertarian, I believe very strongly that all human beings have the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That especially includes those who exist, but who are not yet born into this world, and cannot speak for themselves.

This nation, under the bogus guise of “human rights,” and (let’s be honest here) as a matter of shallow, selfish convenience, has deprived that right to over 40 million of its own citizens. Any nation that would willingly commit genocide at that level, against its very own citizens, has a profoundly corrupt soul.

As I see it, there are only two acceptable reasons for taking the life of another human being. One is in defense of oneself, one’s family or some other innocent person. The other is in a time of war. Any other time, barring a tragic accident, is murder.

I realize that there are times when terminating a human pregnancy is necessary, but what Tiller was doing was outright infanticide. It matters not if the birth mothers were depressed.

Big deal. I get depressed sometimes, to, but I don’t go out and kill an innocent child over it.

As I see it, Tiller’s “profession” was in no way different than what Joseph Mengele was doing in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Many in Germany supported what Mengele was doing, and sadly, far many more here in America support what Tiller did.

How does that make us any better than the NAZIs, or the Japanese, for that matter, who were themselves conducting hideous medical experiments on the Chinese?

Yes, what Roeder did was wrong, very wrong, but as we said back in the ‘90s, shit happens. The law provides a mechanism to deal with these situations, and it will do so here.

At the end of the day, it changes nothing. Abortion is still murder. It’s as simple as that. The fact that it may be legal matters not at all, and I am not interested in hearing whatever lies those who support this hideous procedure have conjured up to convince themselves that it is okay to take the lives of unborn human beings.

Remember, the NAZIs carried out over 11 million "post-natal" abortions. We executed a lot of those who participated in the slaughter after the war.

We currently live in a devolving, sick, twisted society-one in which we who support the right to life for our fellow human beings, and who happen to love our country, and revere its founding document, are considered extremists, if not outright terrorists, by not only our own government, but perhaps even a majority of our fellow citizens.

I honestly do not believe this society, or this nation, has much time left.

In what time we do have left, I’ll be damned if I am going to allow myself to be coerced, or otherwise intimidated into silence on any issue, and if Barack Hussein Obama, the SCM*, and the DHS don’t like it?


BTW, I was adopted at the age of four weeks in 1964. I was lucky. Had I been a little later coming along, I very well could have wound up like this.

*State Controlled Media (what we used to refer to as the MSM).


whoinsamhill said...

"Abortion is still murder. It's as simple as that."

My style, Jesus, am I more interested in style than taking a stand? My style is to ask what tack can best change the situation? And to me the "situation" even goes beyond abortion, as you showed an awareness of in your comment on my daily diaryTo be more direct this time---I think that the extent to which half the country has rationalized away, and/or is in denial of, the wrongness of abortion for convenience sake, to that extent we are closer to nuclear holocaust. While this sounds like it is coming from a crank, I know, I can't help it as my fear of nuclear holocaust did not go away after the country stopped having drills. Perhaps there is a psychological explanation which has the therapists nodding in agreement---this guy is nuts. But like any good crank I think that the rest are nuts and in a state of paralysis---impotence, which even if only partly true is certainly only partly projection, half and half.

Selfishness is a word you used. Callousness, I would throw in. While overturning Rowe v Wade would save a lot of lives, how do we turn around the attitude that it is perfectly OK to abort a fetus for convenience sake, for instance having a baby is a depressing thought or the thought of carrying a baby is depressing. How do we change half of America's me me me outlook? How do we get them to acknowledge that had their mothers opted for an abortion there would be no me, they would not exist today, they wouldn't be enjoying anything, let alone defending their right to choose.

Dave said...


I can't help it as my fear of nuclear holocaust did not go away after the country stopped having drills.

Actually, neither has mine. If anything, it has become more acute since the fall of The Wall.

Through the prism of history, I realize now that nuclear holocaust with the USSR was pretty unlikely, given the cultural similarities involved.

After all, Americans grew up reading Tolstoi, and Russians grew up reading Hemingway and Twain. Of course, in my somewhat impetuous and otherwise occupied youth, I never really considered that angle.

Now we see nukes falling into the hands of those whose "religion" declared war on the civilized world 14 centuries ago. There are no "cultural similarities" in this situation.

That is in no way a positive development, and is due, in large part, to the mere lip service that has been paid to "non-proliferation" over the last five decades, preached by those who possessed the wherewithal to stop it, but for whatever reason, chose not to do so.

As for our current disregard for the lives of those least able to defend themselves, I attribute that in large part to the "convenience" society in which we now reside, which got its start in earnest shortly after WW II.

Though I tend to appear somewhat pessimistic at times, I still want very much to believe that good will triumph in the end, and I still believe that most people in this nation will stand steadfastly against what is wrong when the time comes.

I love life, and I love my country, warts notwithstanding.

I want so very much for my three nieces and my sole nephew to grow up in the same country as did I.

That possibility is now very much in doubt, but it is still possible.


When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson