Monday, October 13, 2008

Is the Current Financial "Crisis" Threatening America's Free-Enterprise System?

Most of us that are concerned with the ever increasing size and scope of government are fully aware that government often uses times of crises as an excuse to increase and broaden its power. After all, we have seen it happen often enough.

FDR used the collapse of the stock market in 1929, and the resultant Great Depression, to quite literally explode the size and power of the federal government. We got our wonderful Social Security Administration out of the deal, among other things, and that really nifty payroll-deduction idea that was put into place in the midst of WW II.

We have seen this happen more recently in the wake of the 9/11 attacks with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the Transportation Security Administration, and what I perceive as a further reduction in our personal privacy.

Anyone changed jobs in the last six years? If you have, you are well aware of the ridiculous amount of forms one must fill out.

It is times like these when we who truly care about freedom in this country must be at our highest level of vigilance, as Dave Ramsey has said, "Fear does weird things to makes their brain stop working."

During the course of our current financial "crisis" I have seen many elements of the MSM dancing with glee over the impending death of "American Capitalism." This is the same MSM, by the way, that has been doing all it can to maximize fear in the hearts of the average American during this difficult time.

I realize that we are living in a time when the average Joe out there is more concerned with security than freedom. To many, increased government involvement means the fewer decisions they have to make for themselves. This of course makes socialism, to any degree, a rather attractive option to some.

Only problem is, freedom, as it always has been, is inversely proportional to the size and power of government. You cannot live in a nanny state and enjoy real freedom. As government grows larger and more powerful, the level of freedom is reduced. True freedom has historically not been the natural environment of man.

This is no time to allow our brains to stop working.


misterbill said...

On the left of the painting, standing row, I am 4th from the left. (My humor.) My fellow patriots and I thought we were creating a republic that would survive for eternity. How wrong we were. With all our blood, sweat and tears we never envisioned a land of such plenty that our very own people would come to be self-loathing haters of the republic. The founding fathers have been , many times, called deists. Those who say this, need to read the Federalist Papers again and the corrrespondence of our great leaders and founding fathers. We, sir, built this country on the back of Judeo-Christian teachings. Our country's laws are based on the bible. We are now a secular, sinful society. A society that makes laws to send people who molest children to jail for 25 years, yet teach our children about sodomy in elementary school. What righteous thinking person could explain the logic of that? Our judges rule that the schools are better equipped to decide what our chldren should know than we, the parents. We have people who believe it is permissible to kill the innocent, but not to harm the evil.
This old man has, over the past year, found his will is eroding. My desire to stand and speak for good and against evil has weakened as I see the fine thread that wove us together fraying as it is tugged apart by those who advocate alternate lifestyles, corruption as acceptable and denigration of country the norm.
I know you know this, but go to any theater, watch TV any night, it is a true spectacle of Sodom and Gomorrah. I remind you of the 45 steps to convert America to communism that we both have read. There is some disagreement on the number of steps accomplishmed, but most of us agree that a great deal of headway has been made.
I hold my self partly responsible. I did, indeed vote twice for GW Bush. I felt he would keep America safe. He did, but from terroriste. On the other hand, he has supported a huge invasion of our country, SPP/NAU, Open Borders, job losses and on and on. I have come to believe that my death at the hands of terrorists would be far more acceptable to me than the loss of my republic for my children and grandchildren which he ahs visited upon us.
I find myself spending less time on these patriotic blog sites as I have seen no improvement in our country in spite of all the patriots here. There are far too many complacent, fat, businessmen in this country who care only for the almighty dollar and do nothing to affect positive change.
If you knew me better, you would know, I am no blue nose, nor bible thumper. I am just a tired old man who wants his fellow citizens to keep America American. It will not survive otherwise. Multiculturism is the death knell of any society.

Anonymous said...

Dave and misterb...

Well I have been furious about this bail-out bill as you well know..still am.

I am outraged bout this whole is past pathetic...

McCain keeps apologizing after any gains Sarah has made for him.

Not one word about illegal immigration which is a huge issue for the majority of all americans of both sides of the aisle.

I am so disgusted...

I gotta' run...check back later....

Anonymous said...

Hey real quick Dave...which choice am I suppose to pick to log in with a user name besides google/blogger?

I don't understand this or how it!

I will look later on to see what you say.


Dave said...


I agree wholeheartedly. This country has been derailed for some time now.

As for Mr. Bush's transgressions, I, too, share part of the blame here, as I did vote for him in 2004, mainly as a defense against Kerry.

Perhaps if we had allowed Kerry to take us through the "Carter scenario" instead of waiting to allow Obama to do it (and he will be Jimmy II, only worse) we might be in better shape today.

I am still not giving up hope, however. While we are truly living in the age of the dumbMasses, I still here from so many young people out there who "get it."


Dave said...

To Everybody:

I purposely left commenting here wide open, so "logging in" isn't required.

You can use any option you wish.


When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson