Saturday, January 15, 2011

Royal Marshall Dead at 43

Royal Marshall, the producer of the Neal Boortz Radio Show, passed away suddenly in his home early this morning. For Royal's family, Neal, Belinda, all of us Boortz fans, and the City of Atlanta, this is a God-awful loss, as Royal was one of the highly talented people who made Neal's show truly great.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Neal, Belinda, the wife and two young daughters Royal left behind, and to all of those who worked with him, knew him, and loved him.

I had the pleasure of meeting Royal at the book signing for Neal's Fair Tax book at the Barnes and Noble on Barrett Parkway a few years back, where I had a brief conversation with him. He came across to me as a super nice guy and cheerfully signed my copy of Neal's book. I have never heard anything even remotely negative said about the guy.

Please pray for Royal's wife and daughters, the rest of his family, friends, coworkers, and all who knew him.

You can read more about Royal, including a brief note from Neal, at this link.


DCG said...

Oh so sad to hear that...prayrs for his fam.

Dave said...


It is sad. Royal was a great guy and one of the funniest people I have ever heard.

I'm gonna miss hearing Him and Neal arguing like brothers.

I have never heard Neal break down when like he did today. He turned on his remote studio in Florida and joined a special show they did today.

I got pretty teared up myself.


Steve said...

Wow Dave, That is sad. I listen now and then and I really did like the banter with Royal. Seemed like a real nice guy. Prayers to im and his family. Steve

Dave said...

Thanks, Steve.

That show isn't going to quite be the same without him.


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