Monday, September 13, 2010

More Evidence of the 'Peaceful, Tolerant and Loving' Nature of the 7th Century Illiterate Barbarians

Not that this should surprise anyone outside of the Islamo-ignoramus* community.

I wonder what the outcry would be from the camel-washer bucket-carriers in the leftisphere if a Christian minister were to call for the deaths of Muslims who torch Bibles, Christian Churches, and Christian people on a regular basis.

I bet they would be rather swift in loud condemnation of these ministers, as they know they have nothing to fear from Christians strapping bombs onto young children and blowing their liberal asses into human hamburger while they sit in their favorite snooty, elitist coffee shops sucking down their $8/cup organic brew.

*An Islamo-ignoramus is someone who attended government school, and knows absolutely nothing about the true history of Islam (nor anything else, including America) nor knows anything about the Islam of today (which is no different from the Islam of the 7th Century), as these people actually believe Islam is a legitimate religion, and that there is actually such a thing as "moderate" and "radical" Islam.

There is only Islam.

(h/t: Drudge)

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