Monday, September 20, 2010

Fear Green Energy, and the Creeping Tyranny Coming With It


Washington ( - Assistant Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi said Thursday that the U.S. Department of Energy has a “mandate” to issue regulations to determine what household appliances are available to Americans in the future.

Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the recently reestablished Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB), Zoi pointed to four tactics the Obama administration intends to use to advance the “deployment of clean energy.”

The first three include government subsidies for private-sector green energy projects; special tax incentives for green energy projects; and low-interest government-backed loans for green energy projects.

“The fourth one, which the secretary and I love,” said Zoi, “is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.”

Zoi was referring to authority the department has under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, as amended by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. That law gives the DOE the power to set efficiency standards for energy-consuming products.

You will find the rest at this link.

Cathy Zoi is just the sort of government bureaucrat that scares the Hell out of me.

I can just see it now - refrigerators that don't chill, freezers that don't freeze, stoves that can't bring water to a boil, ovens that can't even bake cookies, microwaves that can't melt ice, washers that don't wash, dryers that don't dry, showers you cannot even get wet in, HVAC systems that freeze you in winter and cause you to sweat through summer, and probably another round of Gore toilets that require multiple flushes - until the feds notice on your remote flush-meter that you are flushing too much and remotely disconnect the flush lever.

And just try selling your humble abode without having ripped out and replaced every single appliance that does not meet with the government's approval. My guess is you would be facing a level of unpleasantness that would turn even the most fervent HoA NAZI green with envy.

This is just more creeping tyranny from an out-of-control federal government run amok.

Perhaps, just maybe, this will be among the Obamanista regime lunacy that will be added to the GOP's supposed "de-funding" list I keep hearing so much about.

We must run these hideous people out of power before they have destroyed every last vestige of freedom and liberty remaining in America. 


DCG said...

That's it...I may be building an outhouse soon, but the govt will probably tax me for that as well!

What about taxing ppl for all the drugs they take that, in the end result, end up in our "water"? Where does the madness end...

Dave said...

Where does the madness end...

Not sure, but it had best end soon, or we've had it.


Ema Nymton said...


"This is just more creeping tyranny from an out-of-control federal government run amok."

Oh goodness. Just imagine a government bureaucrat performing duties as directed by the Constitution (We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ..., promote the general Welfare, ...) How frightening.

Just imagine how wonderful USA would have been had the federal government not banned lead from paint, mandated seat belts in cars, required environmental standards on private industries that cleaned up the air and waters (which they polluted for profit), enacted 'child labor' laws, enforced civil rights protections, banned age discrimination. All in the name of protecting the people. How 'out-of-control' of government!

Yes let us hope the Republicant Party gets back into power. Then the GOP can take USA back to where polluters and corporations rule supreme and people are lower than slaves.

Yes this will be better?!

Be afraid. Be really afraid, living in a clean environment is awful.

Ema Nymton

DCG said...

Ema, I give you kudos for quoting the US Constitution correctly. Yet, in typical lib mode, you ignore the message and attack the author. Since when has the govt done anything efficiently and cost-effectively to enable "market transformation"? USPS? DOV? FM? GM? Govt trying to change "market transformation" only results in more regs and less choices. Yet it appears you would enjoy that...enjoy cleaning your outhouse...

The Doktor said...

Here's ''Tyranny'' that leaps, not creeps.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Tyranny is already's just getting worse. Good article & thanks for alerting everyone to what is really happening right now.

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When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson