Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There Is Stoopid, And Then There Is Government Stoopid

And only Government can be this stoopid.


But government regulations are requiring that their headquarters on the beach be made handicapped-accessible, even though the only people who ever use the two-story building are the lifeguards.

Another example of your tax dollars at work.

"It's odd. Obviously no one here is handicapped. No one in a wheelchair has ever asked to come up here," head lifeguard Donovan Burns said during an interview on the building's second floor. He noted that disabled people can borrow fat-tired beach wheelchairs from the lifeguard station for free, but those are stored on the ground floor.

The little yellow building near Pier 60 has to be brought into compliance with the state building code and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.
You will find the whole thing at this link.

This is still further evidence (as if we needed any) supporting my long-held belief that America has become too stupid to survive as it was founded.

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