Thursday, June 3, 2010

Message from Dave (Updated)

We took a direct lighting hit that blew out just about everything in the house, including my ethernet port. The bolt first hit a tree about 25' from where my machine was set up in the dining room. Where it went from there is anyone's guess, but it blew out the cable modem immediately, which took care of the phone and TV, too.

Comcast gave us a new modem, but I am having to replace light fixtures, TV cables, etc, myself.

Will try to be back on the net this weekend.

Update 07/22/10:

Apparently we had more damage than I had thought. I have gotten back on the net, but at only about 1/3 of the speed I am used to.

I won't be doing any major posting here until I get it back up to speed, which I hope to be soon.

I'll post some links and some short blurbs to things I think are important in the interim.


Eowyn said...

Thanks for letting us know what's going on, Dave. I'm glad the lightning hit your ethernet, and not you!

Looking forward when you get back online.

God bless. :-)

DCG said...

Wow, thank goodness you are OK! Guess Mother Nature was trying to tell you something? ;-)

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