Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boortz Explains It All

Did you catch the Dow yesterday? Not what you might call good. So, how's this economic recovery working for you folks? 

Truth is, we may be about the fall off the edge of an economic cliff. We are roaring toward the precipice at 100 while Biden is touring the country trying to tell us we're well within the speed limit. It may well be that by the time the American people fully realize how dire our economic situation is .. and how bad it is going to get under Obama's policies .. it may well be too late.

We are approaching that point. Fast. Yesterday's 2.7% drop in the Dow Jones was just an indicator that we are not on a fast track to recovery. In fact, quite the opposite. While Joe Biden tours the country on a "Summer Recovery" tour, trying to convince you how the Obama administration saved us from disaster ... our economy is slowing. Businesses aren't hiring. And Democrats in Washington are poised to only make matters worse. The Royal Bank of Scotland is warning that the global economy is stalling out and that this could lead to a massive flooding of the money supply by the Federal Reserve in efforts to fight off a world-wide deflationary recession.
You can read the rest at this link.

Fasten you seat belts, folks, as I see some major turbulence coming our way.

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