Friday, May 14, 2010

Medals for Wussing Out on the Battlefield?


U.S. troops in Afghanistan could soon be awarded a medal for not doing something, a precedent-setting award that would be given for “courageous restraint” for holding fire to save civilian lives.

The proposal is now circulating in the Kabul headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force, a command spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

“The idea is consistent with our approach,” explained Air Force Lt. Col. Tadd Sholtis. “Our young men and women display remarkable courage every day, including situations where they refrain from using lethal force, even at risk to themselves, in order to prevent possible harm to civilians. In some situations our forces face in Afghanistan, that restraint is an act of discipline and courage not much different than those seen in combat actions.”

You can read the rest at this link, if you can stomach it.

To me, this is just one more sign of the overall decline and wussification of Western society.

You have to wonder that if this medal is introduced, will its recipients still be alive to wear it? What is more, would real soldier would want to be awarded this medal? Somehow I don't think so.

George S. Patton, Jr. must be spinning in his grave right about now.

God help us all.

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DCG said...

Well now The Traitor has officially wussified our military and our country. God help us if we have to endure 8 years of his BS.

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