Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The RNC Just Doesn't Get It

I am not currently a member of the Republican Party. I do not donate to the party, or its candidates. In fact, I left the party back in the late 1990s, as their leftward lurch into areas once owned by the dems was more than I could stomach as a conservative.

In 2000, I voted for Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party candidate, as I knew that George W. Bush, while a decent human being, was a product of the anti-Reagan movement of the country-club set of the party that began even before Reagan had left office.

Translation: George W. Bush was no conservative.

My fears came to fruition when Mr. Bush, along with his own party in control of congress, went on to nearly double the size and scope of the federal government during his tenure.

I ended up voting for Mr. Bush in 2004, but I didn't make my mind up fully until I was in the voting booth with a ballot right in front of me. We were, after all, at war, and as much as I agreed with Mr. Badnarik on so many crucial issues that faced us, coming from a large military family, I just couldn't stomach the idea of John Kerry as Commander in Chief.

I once again voted for the republican candidate in 2008, but the reasons for that should be obvious. McCain has his flaws, in fact, a suitcase full of them, but one thing is for certain, unlike his somewhat mysterious opponent, he was no communist.

I held my nose tightly, pictured Sarah Palin in my mind, and pressed the touch screen for McCain.

I had thought that the Republican National Committee would certainly get its act together once the hideous disaster I knew Obama was going to be became blatantly obvious even to the thick heads of the tone-deaf republican "leadership."

Apparently I was a little naive in my assumption. Okay, maybe a lot naive, but one uncomfortable fact remains:

The only thing standing between the Obama regime and the irreparable demise of America as we knew* it is the Republican Party.

Yes, that is scary as hell, I know, but there is no other viable political organization in place that can stop Obama cold, in time, and even begin to reverse the hideous damage this fraud of a POTUS is rapidly carrying out on this nation.

As you all know, the RNC just refused to oust Michael Steele as the party's chairman. I have a sick feeling inside that was a hideous mistake.

Via nymag.com (emphasis mine):
This week, Steele did what any sufficiently desperate captain does in such a parlous situation: summarily chuck his first mate overboard. The victim in this case was Steele’s chief of staff, Ken McKay, who reportedly learned that he’d become chum when his wife saw the news on cable. But the ouster of McKay and his replacement with an Ur–Steele loyalist did little to quiet the waters. Instead, the GOP consultant and former Steele adviser Alex Castellanos went on CNN and became the first big-name Republican to call for Steele to quit. “We still have seven months to pull our act together,” Castellanos said. “I think a change at this moment would be a good thing.”


Yet even if Steele does survive, the RNC may not, at least not in anything like the form it has traditionally taken or with the power it has traditionally wielded. In the wake of McCain-Feingold and more recently the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court decision on campaign spending, both national parties were already in the process of seeing their roles weakened dramatically and taken over by private interests. That trend is secular and has nothing to do with Steele. But his gaffes, mismanagement, and all-purpose absurdity may very well exacerbate the trend within the GOP—in the process presenting a short-term opportunity for Democrats to do better in 2010 than the political class expects.
You will find the rest of the piece here.

I hate to tell you, Mr. Castellanos, but you and your party have right now to get your act together, not seven months.

Should angry conservatives bolt in a misguided effort to form a third party at this stage, it will all but ensure the communist left will be seating a permanent, defeat-proof socialist congress come January.

Should that happen, it will be all over for America.

I would like to see a much greater sense of urgency on the part of the party leadership, and I would like to see it right now, not four months hence, and certainly not seven. They seem, however, to be stuck in "business as usual" mode, and that does not bode well for the future of this republic.

I firmly believe that the fate of America, as it was founded, will be decided this coming November, not in November of 2012. We cannot afford for the republicans to screw this up. Not even a little bit.

If the leadership of the Republican Party doesn't "get it," then perhaps it is time to oust that leadership in favor of one that fully appreciates the precarious state this nation now finds itself in - while there is still time to possibly reverse course.

Should the communist left maintain its grip on power, and Barack Hussein Obama is allowed to continue his destructive policies unmolested for another thirty-one months, the America we all were born into is finished.

There will be no retrieving it in November of 2012.

*That is not a typo. This country was fundamentally changed the instant Obama signed CommieCare into law. There is still time to change it back, but that time is growing perilously short.

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