Friday, March 26, 2010

Bibi Dissed by the Comrade Chairman

This is disgusting beyond words.

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For a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Mr Obama walked out of his meeting with Mr Netanyahu but invited him to stay at the White House, consult with advisers and “let me know if there is anything new”, a US congressman, who spoke to the Prime Minister, said.

“It was awful,” the congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages”, poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received “the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”.

You will find the entire article at this link.

This is a new low even for the Comrade Chairman. For some reason, the former community agitator feels compelled to treat our traditional allies in a horrendous manner at every opportunity, such as he did the British shortly after he came to power.

I do not always agree what the Israelis do, but they are the only democracy in the region, and one of our staunchest allies on the planet.

Something tells me that if that Iranian Hitler Akhmedinadinnerjacket was to pay a visit to the White House, he would have been given the red carpet treatment for the duration.

The Comrade Chairman owes Mr. Netanyahu, and the Israeli people, an engraved apology.

I won't hold my breath waiting for it, as that would require class beyond anything this hideous fraud of a POTUS possesses.

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DCG said...

What a classless POS The Traitor is. His arse needs to be impeached NOW!

Dave said...


I agree.

If this goober serves out his term, we won't have any real allies left.

Might not even have a country, actually.


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