Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video: Frozen Wasteland


Up here on the farm
We chop wood To stay Warm
We all could use some Global Warming

We all need to fight
To preserve our rights
I don't want to be taxed a just for breathing

Open your eyes
Don't believe their lies
It's just a Frozen Wasteland

Al Gore is a liar
His pants are on fire
Plus he's getting rich from carbon offsets

He's loose with the facts
All he wants is a tax
Lets get together
Before it gets much colder

Frozen Wasteland
Its just a Frozen Wasteland
Frozen Wasteland
Frozen Wasteland


(h/t: Noel Sheppard @


Mr. Xyz said...

Don't miss the response to Frozen Wasteland which you can also see here:

It's the one with two women in the picture.

Here is the lead in:

"As chief operating officer for the cabal of Billionaires who control the global warming scam, Hitler quickly realizes the long range implications of "Glaciergate"."

This page will take you to a blow up of the startlingly captioned thumbnail:

Dave said...

Mr. Xyz,



Mr. Xyz said...

Here's a Youtube playlist with more.

There are two new ones:

"Frozen Wasteland" by Minnesotans For Global Warming
"Hitler on Climate Change"

and two old ones:

"Hide the Decline" by Minnesotans For Global Warming
"Climategate Glaciergate...: Hitler's Last Straw:



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