Thursday, January 14, 2010


We are now one year into what I believe is essentially a communist coup. I know many recoil when the "C" word comes out, but as Lenin himself once said, the ultimate goal of socialism is communism.

Why beat around the bush?

Though I saw this takeover coming long before Barack Hussein Obama was elevated to the presidency, the speed at which it has been unfolding since has rattled even me, and I am not one easily rattled.

In the last year, we have seen the federal government almost complete its long-running takeover of the FMs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which now give the government control of about ninety percent of the mortgage industry.

Obama & Co. have also seized two of our three automakers, snagged 1/6th of our free market economy with that hideous vote the Senate cast the night before Christmas, which will ultimately result in the federal government taking over our nation's health care industry. It may very well be that CommieCare will become law without even needing another vote by even a single congress-critter.

The far-left communists have also amassed a huge slush fund, filled with our very own money in the form of TARP and Porkulus I, and Porkulus II is already in the works. There is a reason the bulk of the money contained within them has yet to be spent.

There is an election coming up next November, and another one in 2012.

It is my belief the far-left intends to use that money, along with the help of ACORN, assorted union goons, along with amnesty for illegal aliens that will essentially allow them to vote in our elections, along with some voter registration trickery, to ensure that they retain their power next November, and beyond.

The far-left intends to bring about what in effect will be a defeat-proof communist congress, and I am not altogether sure they aren't going to get it, given the array of aforementioned resources they have available, and let's not forget the aid of a Main Stream Media that has been cheering this coup on from the beginning.

Personally, I believe the most important election in this nation's history will be taking place this November. It will be the election which will determine now and forevermore whether we are still going to be the United States of America our founders left us with, or we are going to be something decidedly different.

I believe the proverbial tipping point for our nation, in its current form anyway, lies somewhere between the unfortunate Senate vote last Christmas Eve, and next November 02.

Should the unthinkable happen, and the American people fail to rise up and vote the communists out of power ten months hence, the elections of 2012 will come too late to repair the damage, and the America we were born into, and that most of us know and love, will be lost forever.

After taking a break from the Notepad for a while, I have decided to change the focus of this blog to emphasize what I believe will be events taking place between now and November that will have a direct bearing on the survival of our nation. Sure, I will continue to post things about personal freedom and liberty along the way, as well as other things that I find interesting. However, the main focus will now be aimed squarely at the stories that may very well influence whether or not we will continue to be a "free" nation, or an increasingly tyrannical one.

Some say it is already too late to "fix" America through the ballot box, as our last real chance was in November of '08. I still believe we have one more chance - but one only.

We are now essentially a nation in distress.

I realize that the history of free republics is against us, but we owe it to the young people of America to at least try to buck this trend, and thus leave them with much the same freedoms and liberties we all grew up with.

With God's help, we will prevail, as failure is not an option.


DCG said...

Glad to see you back Dave! Yes, we had better pray that the American people wake up and change the direction of the country come November. Hopefully it will start next Tuesday in MA!

Dave said...


From your keyboard to God's ears.


When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson