Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sixty-Eight Years Ago Today - December 07, 1941

President Roosevelt's speech to the nation:

Sixty-eight years ago, America saw a great evil and, in near unison, rose up and removed that evil's shadow from the face of the Earth.

That was nearly a lifetime ago, and in a very different America. I fear we shall never see the likes of that America again.


whoinsamhill said...

The attack on Pearl Harbor was infamous. The evil the U.S. faces in the likes of the cockroach and his filth group holed up there in the mountains of Pakistan is unfathomable. But we will get the bastards, Dave.

Dave said...


I certainly hope we will.

And thanks for stopping by, as always.


Anonymous said...

America never learns. The only reason you were attacked was because of the us involvement in Japanese affairs.

Japan was no threat to your country. Do you really beleive a country the size of Japan could have come across the great waters and invaded? Your president FRD brought the wrath of Japan on the us when he illegally siezed Japanese money in us banks and cut off oil, a relly great move when a country is in a depression.

Germany to was also not a threat to the us. At the time they were already involved in a 2 battle line war. The great USSR defeated Germany, they did not need us help.

America should learn from the pass and stay out of affairs where it has no business. You americans have such a starnge way of celebrating your defeats, like Big Little Horne, The Alomo, and Peral Harbor. What glory is there in defeat?

Muhammad, عليه السلام, has shown Muslims to relish in victory over the infidels.

Dave said...


While Japan was not exactly a threat to America itself, with the exception of Hawaii, it was a threat to the stability of the Pacific region, as well as to international shipping in that area. Given the inhuman atrocities that were being carried out by the Japanese in China, it was probably a good idea to prevent them from spreading those atrocities further.

Japan attacked us with the specific purpose of taking out our carriers, which was the one instrument we had that could throw a big, hairy monkey wrench into their expansionist plans.

The defeat of the Japanese Empire was a good thing for those who resided in that region, as it prevented untold millions from being essentially enslaved by them.

As for Germany, it was they who declared war on us, not the other way around.

While it can be argued that the USSR would have ultimately defeated Germany by itself, what would have prevented the Red Army from going beyond Germany and taking the entire European continent?

I am quite sure that the millions of people residing in Western Europe at the time were pretty happy about our presence there, else they may have wound up living in the tyrannical hell-hole that Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union were.


Anonymous said...

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When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson