Monday, October 19, 2009

Firefighter Flag Flap

A Chester Pennsylvania firefighter has been suspended without pay for refusing to remove a sticker of an American flag affixed to his locker:
Chester, Pa., firefighter James Krapf wants to know what's wrong with Old Glory. The 11-year veteran was suspended without pay Thursday after he refused to peel a sticker of the American flag from his locker.

"It's pride…it's a matter of pride," Krapf said.

A new department rule mandates that all stickers and statements – union, cartoon and political – be stripped from lockers after several offensive and racist images showed up in the firehouse. But Krapf figured the red, white and blue was safe.

It seems he was wrong.
You can read the whole NBCPhiladelphia story here.

I cannot believe in post-911 America that a fire department, of all things, would forbid the display of Old Glory on the locker of a firefighter.

I support Kraph's decision to defy this hideous rule, and if his employer insists on continuing this blatant violation of this man's constitutional right to freedom of speech/expression, I hope he sues.

Political Correctness is a cancer on all of our freedoms and liberties, and its about damn time it was eradicated.

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