Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta Under Water

Greetings from waterlogged Atlanta!

Two feet of water has fallen over a two week period here, which was punctuated by three straight days of near constant rainfall, some rather heavy at times, and it left one heck of a mess behind.

Here are some aerial photos taken from WSB TV's News Chopper 2 of some of the damage that occurred very near where I live in Cobb County.

Here are some pics that were sent to CBSAtlanta.com.

It wasn't just Atlanta, either, as there was flooding all over many parts of Georgia. Here are some pics sent to WSB TV from people all over the state.

Here are some videos of portions of the flooding:

Here's a link to CBSAtlanta's coverage of the flooding around Peachtree Creek in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, about a mile from where I once lived for 22 years.

So far, 7 people are known dead here in Georgia, and Gov. Sonny Purdue has declared a State of Emergency in 17 Georgia counties.

What a colossal mess.

Note: Photo above was taken at Six Flags amusement park this morning.

(Photo credit: CBSAtlanta.com)


At least someone out there has a sense of humor about all this:

(Photo credit: Boortz.com)


DCG said...

Where's Kanye when you need him, huh? Is he down there floating around in a canoe?

Seriously, stay safe.

Dave said...


LOL, and thanks.


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