Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get Your Dr. Chicago Bible Bag!

This is no photo shop job, either: Click here.

Pray hard, folks, 'cause we need all the hope we can get that in 2012 we can have real change, and undo one of the most hideous mistakes ever made by the American people.

See you in church.

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The Doktor said...

This 'Bible Bag' can also hold bull crap that exudes from any religious person voting for the baby killer, Hussein. Talk about hypocrisy.

If someone doesn't know what I'm talking about then I guess you should know more about the person that the media helped to elect. Ah, but it's too late now, isn't it?

Doktor Delve

When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson