Tuesday, July 21, 2009

David Brooks Hits One Right Over the Fence

I am not a huge fan of David Brooks, as I consider him to be the editorial version of John McCain, the head RINO of my former political party. However, every so often he gets it right, as he has with this NYT column published yesterday:

It’s not that interesting to watch the Democrats lose touch with America. That’s because the plotline is exactly the same. The party is led by insular liberals from big cities and the coasts, who neither understand nor sympathize with moderates. They have their own cherry-picking pollsters, their own media and activist cocoon, their own plans to lavishly spend borrowed money to buy votes.

This ideological overreach won’t be any more successful than the last one. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday confirms what other polls have found. Most Americans love Barack Obama personally, but support for Democratic policies is already sliding fast.

You will find his entire NYT column here.

It is well worth a read.

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