Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parade Grand Marshal to Sons of Confederate Veterans: Get Lost

The Morehead chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been denied permission to participate in the Ironton Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade, which they have previously been a part of.

The 5th Kentucky Infantry Camp #2122 received a letter from Arthur J. Pierson, parade grand marshal, rejecting the group’s request to participate in the parade, without giving any reasons why.

“Your parade request for SCV, 5th Kentucky Infantry camp #2122 Morehead, KY, has been considered and NOT APPROVED,” the letter stated.

The 5th Kentucky wanted to march with a color guard that would feature two Confederate flags – the Kentucky Confederate flag and the Confederate battle flag – and two motorcycles.

The group wanted to march to memorialize the service of Confederate veterans, many of whose descendants live in the tri-state.
You can find the entire Morehead News article here.

This is wrong on several levels, and it is giving off the foul stench of political correctness.

The Civil War is a huge part of this nation's heritage. It was, in so many ways, a watershed event, the ramifications of which are still being felt today.

To prevent those who's ancestor's fought on a side that we may not agree with from participating in a parade meant to honor our nation's military veterans who gave their lives is not only unconscionable, but profoundly ignorant.

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jen said...

You are so right, Dave. And the sowing of division in this country just continues...

Dave said...


Yes it does, and I see no end to it.

How sad.


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