Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Justice: Blind No More?

Bruce Walker at American Thinker is lamenting the sad fact that our nation's legal system is increasingly becoming less and less objective, and more ideologically driven:

The ugly fact is that in every crevice of public life in which we expect to find an unbiased, objective, and dispassionate guardian of individual fairness, we find instead a blindered, bigoted, and boorish hack whose only real interest is in advancing "the cause." Witness the nauseating spectacle of parrots and hand-puppets in the mainstream media slavishly advancing the Obaman cult of personality. Witness the thuggish intrusion of political correctness into the pleasant diversion of beauty contests. Witness the kindly mask of public librarians, whose mission was once to liberate minds through the vistas of books, and who have now descended into champions of the tunnel vision of the left.

Public education has become a form of thought control and textbooks have deleted from famous literature the very language which made the literature great, replacing forceful words with euphemisms, historical and fictional characters with proscribed dogmas of what the left believes that real life should be, and calculated excisions of vital knowledge as thorough as anything that Stalin's toadies could have done in the black dungeon of totalitarianism.
You can read Bruce's entire article here.

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