Monday, April 27, 2009

Total Federal Subsidies Climb Above 1,800

Chris Edwards, the Director of Tax Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, has done some research in the area of federal subsidies and recently published a report of his findings that contains some pretty eye-popping figures:

By 2008, there were 1,804 different subsidy programs in the federal budget. Hundreds of programs were added this decade—ranging from a $62 billion prescription drug plan to a $1 million anti-drug education grant—and the recent stimulus bill added even more. We are in the midst of the largest federal gold rush since the 1960s.
You can view the entire pdf file of his findings here.

I have to warn you, the picture it paints of our financial future as a nation isn't the least bit pretty.

But why worry, eh? After all, its just your money, as well as your freedom, and that of your children and grandchildren, too.

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