Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scamnesty Rears its Ugly Head Yet Again

I hope you all have kept the KY handy, because it appears our illustrious federal government, under the direction of the 44th "president," is about to try and cram yet another "comprehensive" immigration reform bill down our throats.

Administration officials said that Mr. Obama’s plan would not add new workers to the American work force, but that it would recognize millions of illegal immigrants who have already been working here.
And this line of steaming BS is supposed to make us actually feel better?

We all know what this really means-amnesty for those who have broken our laws and invaded this country illegally.

As before, I suspect the government will lie and tell us that it isn't actually amnesty, but the fact is we all know better. Let's face it, members of both parties are most anxious to gain the votes of these criminal invaders somewhere down the line. The sooner the better.

One would think that after the severe drubbing our elected "representatives" took via snail mail, fax, telephone and internet the last time this lunacy was attempted, that just maybe they would cease and desist from any further action in this most sensitive area, especially given the fact that so many of our fellow real Americans are out of work due to the current economic situation.

I still have trouble understanding exactly just what part of "illegal alien" the brain-dead idiots in our government aren't quite getting.

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