Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is Missouri Safe for Libertarians Again?

Unless you have been hiding out deep in a cave for the last couple of weeks, you have no doubt heard about the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report that was circulated among the members of the Missouri law enforcement community. This existence of this report came to light when a copy was forwarded to Alex Jones by an anonymous Missouri law enforcement officer. From there it quickly exploded all over the conservative blogosphere, it made all the major talk radio shows, and was also covered on cable news shows by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Not surprisingly, the liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) were much too busy covering (up) for the Organizer and fawning over Michelle's vegetable garden, and thus remained virtually mum on this disturbing story. Of course, who among us with any real intelligence and who is truly "plugged in" pays them any attention anymore, anyway?

Even without the MSM, the outcry became such that the The Missouri Highway Patrol has now retracted the now highly controversial report, and even the governor of Missouri, who once expressed his support for it, has apparently had a change of heart and is now running for the tall grass.

One of those named in the report, along with Bob Barr and Ron Paul, is Chuck Baldwin, who was the Constitution Party's presidential candidate last year, and who has written three blog posts on this subject that you can read here, here and here.

The exact origins of this report remain a little hazy, but many, including Chuck Baldwin, have attributed it to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) a radical lefty "special interest" organization that is not exactly known for fondness toward those of us who reflect more light than they do.

I imagine that had a report been circulated in Missouri that identified the members of organizations such as the Nation of Islam as potential domestic terrorists, the people at the SPLC would have begun spinning on their eyebrows, and busloads of civil rights barristers from all over the country would have been en route to Jefferson City in a heartbeat.

If I were a Missouri resident, I would be demanding to know just how it is that a far-left private organization, who answers to no one, has managed to get its tentacles so far up the law enforcement totem pole in that state that a report such as this would be circulated among its state's law enforcement officers in the first place.

We as freedom-loving Americans need to be asking the same question, because when it has gotten to the point that real Americans, who just happen to support our nation's founding document, who think it wrong to murder the unborn, who might not be too fond of the U.N., and who might think it wrong that the federal government can confiscate huge parts of our incomes, can be targeted for possible harassment by their own government, possibly due to the influence of an outside organization, then its time to rise up and clean house at the next voting opportunity, as something has gone hideously awry.

You have to wonder how many other states with "fusion centers" may be up to similar shenanigans that we don't even know about, and may never find out about. After all, the MIAC report was never intended for public release.

Personally, I view this as another attempt on the part of the left to stifle dissent, and to try to intimidate those of us who do not share in their "utopian" world-view into silence. This was one attempt that went much further than it ever should have. It appears that the left only believes dissent is the "highest form of patriotism" when there is a non-liberal residing in the White House.

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling the fallout from all this is only just beginning.

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