Thursday, January 29, 2009

Congratulations to the House Republicans!

It appears that the Republican Party members residing in the House of Representatives have found what once appeared to be lost forever-their spines. Amazingly, they fought off what must have been some very heavy pressure from the Obama people, the media, and probably some folks back home, and unanimously voted against the passage of HR1, the most expensive, pork-laden, nonsensical vote-buying spending bill to ever be introduced anywhere. Ever.

While they clearly lacked the necessary number of votes to prevent the passage of this hideous monstrosity, I believe they at least were able to send the message to the White House that Obama's heretofore seemingly magical tiptoe-through-the-tulips was destined to be a short trip. Let us hope he didn't stub his toe.

Now the bill moves over to the Senate to try its luck there. Hopefully the Senate Republicans have taken notice of what their House colleagues did yesterday, and unanimously vote against this nonsense as well.

I urge you to begin emailing and calling your respective senators now, and not waiting until next week. We need to put their feet to the fire, and hold it there until they squirm.

We were able to kill Scamnesty, and we can kill Porkzilla, too.

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