Tuesday, December 16, 2008

John McCain: The Loser Who Keeps On Losin'

I am officially and forevermore washing my hands of the loser John McCain. Given his totally bizarro (even for him) behavior since his loss in last month's election, I now wish I could take my presidential vote back and cast it for Bob Barr. No joke.

Pressing the touch screen for McCain that morning was probably the most difficult vote I have ever cast in my entire life. Honestly, when I voted for Rep. John Lewis over whoever that idiot republican was who ran against him way back when, I did not so much as flinch. With McCain, it required a conscious, deliberate effort on my part, not to mention a heavy-duty clothespin affixed firmly over my nose.

Had it not been for the presence of Sarah Palin on the ticket, I seriously doubt I could have gone through with it.

I voted for McCain despite his position on illegal immigration, despite his free-speech destroying campaign "reform" bill (which has turned out to be a complete joke) despite his obvious belief in Anthropological Global Warming (a proven fraud if there ever was one) despite his inexplicable opposition to the Bush tax cuts (which I benefited from, as did all working Americans) despite his wavering in the support of our CIC in a time of war, and despite his hideous tendency to swap senatorial spit with Ted Kennedy every chance he got.

I freely admit I erred badly in allowing my fear of Barack Hussein Obama to influence me to the point where I allowed it to cloud my usual steadfast linear logic and voted against someone instead of for the person I most agreed with. In this case, that was Mr. Barr.

I realize that the Libertarian Party has its problems, particularly in the areas of border security and national defense, but in many areas, their deeply ingrained zest for true freedom, which I realize some feel can get a little out there at times, goes far in my mind in making up for their shortcomings.

Since the election, the treatment of Sarah Palin by McCain has been nothing short of contemptible. McCain said nothing as some of his own campaign staffers engaged in what can only be described as a smear campaign against her. Now he is saying he will not endorse her should she be the party's candidate in 2012.

I hate to say it, but Sarah Palin did more to energize the conservative base and breath life into that hideously run campaign than a whole busload of John McCains could have ever done. Had it not been for her, McCain would have lost to Obama by a far wider margin. Why he cannot see this is beyond me.

What is almost as bad, it seems every time I turn around, McCain is falling all over himself praising the Chosen One.

Now McCain is telling the republicans to back off on that Blagojovich guy. Personally, I hope the republicans tell the senator from Arizona to go pound sand. In Arizona.

McCain would have done himself and this nation a huge favor had he carried through with his threat to switch parties back in 2000. Had he done so, I believe we would not now be mere weeks away from an Obama presidency.

I truly respect Sen. McCain for his service to our country in Vietnam, and I know he went through five years of pure hell in that unfortunate country, but enough is enough.

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When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered. -Dorothy Thompson